Window is product of Microsoft, is an operating system that manages scheduling of work and accessories. Window is a graphical user interface based operating system.

  • Window is the graphical user interface.
  • Window is fast operating system.
  • window provides multi task environment.
  • With the help of window, we connect would wide through Internet.
  • Window has supports games, audio, video and multimedia.

Desktop :- Desktop is the visible area in the screen, which appears, when the computer is switch ON is called desktop area. Desktop used for keep the important folders.

Icons :- Icons are the small piece of objects, which may be present on desktop and in other window. Icons are a way of oping the folders.

Dialog boxes :- Dialog box is a source of collecting and providing information from to the user.

Task bar :- Horizontal bar at the bottom of desktop is called task bar. Task bar contains start button at left corner and right corner shows the time.

Recycle bin :- Recycle bin is a folder, when we delete file or fouler. The deleted file or fouler is sent to recycle bin.



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