What JavaScript can do?

The main purpose of JavaScript is to create dynamic web page that are interactive and changes their content as per user requirements.

JavaScript can be used to validate the form’s field at the Clint side before it is submitted to the server.

JavaScript can check the computer’s clock and pull the appropriate data based in clock information.

JavaScript can be used to create various static and dynamic games.

JavaScript can be used to create pop-up window that can be used as remote controls linked to the original window.

JavaScript can be used detect the visitor’s browser and load an other page designed for that browser control browser.

JavaScript can open page in customized windows, where we specify if the browser’s button, menu line, status line or whatever should be present.

JavaScript can store information on the visitor’s computer and retrieve it automatically next time the user visits your page.

JavaScript can be set to execute when something happens like when a page has finished loading or when a user click on a button.

JavaScript can randomly display content without the involvement of server program.

JavaScript code can be used used variety of other tasks such as performing calculations, creating banners & animations, alert messages, creating drop down menus and to draw graphs & curves etc.

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