Utility Software

Utility software is a system software designed to help analyse, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. A single piece of utility software is usually called software.

Utility software usually focuses on how the computer infrastructure including computer hardware, operating system, application
software and a data storage operates.

Utilities are often rather technical and targeted at people with an advanced level of computer knowledge, in-contrast to application software, which allows users to things like creating text documents, playing games, listening to music or viewing websites.

Examples of Utility Software

Test Editor:- It provides the facility of editing and making tex files.

File Sorting program:- It provides the facility to arrange the records of data file in a desired order.

Data Selection Program:- It provides the facility to separate the records of data disks in a desired order.

Disk Management Program:- These are those programs, which all system the files on hard disk, can store maximum files and never waste space on disk.

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