Unguided Media

Unguided Media or wireless communication transport electromagnetic waves with using a physical conductor. The various types of unguided media, there are: Infrared, Radio media, Microwave and Satellite.



It is a new development in data communication. Infrared light to sand data. Infrared light transmits data through the air and propagate in the open space. The example of infrared transmission are all hand-hold remote controls. The signals from a remote are sent to the device like TV or Air Conditioner using infrared transmission technology. Infrared data communication is a simple example of a short-range wireless network.

Radio Media


The transmission make use of radio frequencies is terned as radio-wave. Transmission Radio-wave are easy to generate can travel distances and penetrate buildings easily. They are widely used for communication. Radio-wave an omni-directional meaning that they travel in all direction. The transmitter take the data in the from of radio, picture and voice for TV sets and data for a radio modern.



Microwave system use very high frequency radio signals to transmit data through wireless communication. microwave frequency, electromagnetic  waves connect bend or pass abstracts take buildings or hill. transmitter and receiver of a microwave system mounted on very high towers, should be in line-of-sight. This way not be possible for very long distance transmission.

Microwave system use repeaters at intervals of¬† 25 to 30 km’s in between transmitting and receiving stations, and have speed of 16 G Bps. They can support 25,0000 voice channels.

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