Twisted Pair Cable


Twisted Pair Cable wire consists of two brunches of thin copper wire.  Each brunch enclosed separately in a plastic insulation, then, then twisted around each other to reduce interface by adjacent wires. It is also called Unshielded twisted pair(U T P) cable because other then the plastic insulated around the two individual bunches of copper wires, nothing else shields if from outside interference.

U T P cable are used communally in local telephone communication and short direction (up to 1 km) digital data transmission. They are used normally to connect terminals to main computer. For distance up to 100 meters, data transmission speed of 960 bps. Shielded twisted pair (S T P) cable has a meld foil or braided mesh covering insulated. The interference from electro magnetic noise and prevent crass talks.

Optical Fiber


Optical Fiber are glass or plastic used as data transmission medium.They transmit light signals instead of electrical signals. Light travels much faster then electricity. Optical Fibers can transmit data at much higher speed then copper wires with no significant less of intensity over long distance.

The main components of an optical fiber communication system.The send side electrical to light wave converter converts electrical signals into light signal. It use either a light emitting diode or a laser diode to converts signals into light signals. There light waves are then transmitted over the optical fiber to receiver’s end. An amplifier then amplifies and sends the electrical signals to the receiver.


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