Super computer

Super computer is a world fastest computer. It performance measured in a flouting point operations per second instead of million instructions per second.

Supercomputers are most powerful type of computers that are employed for specialized application that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations.

Uses of super computer in the field include animated graphical, fluid dynamic calculations, nuclear energy research and petroleum exploration and also weather forecasting requires a super computer.

Syper computer in the world

Sunway Taihulight:- Sunway Taihuight is the biggest and most powerful Super computer ever created. It is boasting more then 10 million processor cores and almost triphing at 93 petaflops.

Tianhe-2:- It is twice as powerful as Titan of the United State.Tianhe is still the same enormously powerful computer system using 3,120,000 processor core to generate 33.9 sustained petaflops.

Titan:– Titan is the computational center piece of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, pumping out 17.6 petaflops for the various research projects at the Department of Energy Facility.

Sequoia:- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s heavy hitter is Sequois, the top-rated IBM machine on the list at 17.1 petaflops. Sequia is powered by nearly 1,573,000 processor cores, and boasts the third- best
energy efficiency at 2,177 megaflops per watt.

K Computer:- The fujitsu K Computer still pumps out its 10.5 petaflops at the RIKEN Institute in Japan. Only 11 machines in the entire top 500 have been ranked longer than the K Computer.

Mira:- Mira situated at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. It has the capacity of more than 786.000 cores powering 8.59 petaflops of performance.

Param Yuva 2:- India’s fastest super computer it’s developed by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). Precise weather forecasting, faster tapping of natural resources in the sea and designing of customized drugs for individuals will now be possible using Param Yuva 2.

Parm Yuva 2 computer system is designed to solve large and complex computational problems. This will provide an opportunity for new scientific endeavors for the research community.

SAGA-220 :- SAGA-220 stands for Super computer for Aerospace with Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) Architecture-220 teraflops.SAGA-220 is a super computer built by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The system being used by scientists to solve complex aeronautical problems. It has been hinted that, it will be used to design future super launch vehicls.

Param Anant:- Parm Anant is a low cost super computing solution based in C-DAC’s unique open frame architecture for scalable and high performance computing that incorporates well-known cluster Of Workstations (COW) and Massively Paralie! Processing (MP) concepts. The core super computing technologies for the Param Anant are derived from C-DAC’s param 10000 high performance computer system.

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