A application software that can create professional looking visual aids called presentation graphics software. Graphic object is a written or diagram representation like graphs, figures and diagrams slides can also form the basis of web-casts. Most popular graphics multimedia and presentation package are: Power-point etc.

Uses of powerpoint

Power-point can create various presentation like, charts, graphics, slides, handouts, overheads etc. Power-point creates slide shows, which are electronic presentation the you can run on your computer screen.

Step of creating new presentation:

  • Starting presentation
  • After starting powerpoint

Firstly the power-point dialog box appear,the dialog box after the four ways to start presentation:

  1. Auto content wizard :- Easy to use wizard that helps to create a presentation.
  2. Design templates :- It is a set of predefined formats that are color applicable to a presentation.
  3. simple presentation :- It is set of simple slides with some text and outline that give you suggestion about the content of your presentation.
  4. Blank presentation :- If you are sure of the layout and contents of your presentation. then you create a new presentation.

Power-point views:

  • normal :- It display three pones that show the outline.
  • outline :- It display only text of the presentation in outline.
  • slide :- It show the slide and its contents.
  • slide sorter :- It display the enter set of slide on screen.
  • slide show :- It display the presentation one slide at a time in sequence as an automatic slide show.
  • note pages :- It available from view menus.

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