Sources of the Indian constitution

Country Constitution

UK Nominal head-President, Cabinet system of Ministers, Parliamentary type of government, Bicameral Parliament, Lower house more powerful, Council of Ministers responsible to the lower house, Speaker in Lok Sabha, Single Citizenship, Law making procedures

USA Written Constitution, Vice-president post, Fundamental Rights, Supreme court, Impeachment of President, Independence of judiciary and judicial Review, Preamble, Removal of supreme court and High court judges

Russia Fundamental Duties, ideal of justice in Preamble, Five year plan

Australia Concurrent list, joint sitting of two houses of parliament, provisions regarding trade, commerce and intercourse

Japan Proceduse established by law

Germany Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency

Canada Scheme of federation with a strong centre, Distribution of powers between the centre and the states and placing residuary powers with the centre

Ireland Concept of directive principles of state policy, Method of election of the President, Nomination of members in Rajya Sabha.

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