Software refers to the set of computer programs, procedures and associated documents (Flowcharts, manuals etc.).which describe the programs and how they are to be used.

System software :- system software is a set of programs, designed to control the operation and extend the processing capability of a computer system.

Computer system software performs one or more of the following function.

  1. Supports the development of other application software.
  2. supports the execution of other application software.
  3. Monitors the effective use of various hardware resources.
  4. Communication with and controls the operation of devices.

Types of system software. There are:

  1. Operating system :- Operation system is a program, which acts as an interface between the user of the computer and the computer hardware.
  2. Language processor :- Software used to covert resource program instruction into object or machine language instruction. Example are :- Assembler, Compiler and Interpreter.

Application software :- Application software is the set of program necessary to carryout operation for a specified application. These are the program written by programmers to enable computer to perform a specific task. For example :- payroll processing software, examination processing software, computer game software, are all application software.

Types of application software. there are:

  1. Word procession software :- Word procession software enable us to make use of a computer for creation, editing, viewing, formatting, storing, and printing documents.
  2. Spreadsheet software :- Spreadsheet software is a numeric data analysis tool that allows us to creates a kind of computerized ledger.
  3. Graphics software :- Graphics software enable us to use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing, graphs etc.

Firmware software :- Firmware refers to a sequence of instruction substituted of hardware and stored in red only memory (ROM). Firmware is a combination of software permanently stored in the memory (hardware). It is program or data that has been written into the red only memory.


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