Save Electricity and Power Save

What do we use to operate our electronic gadgets and appliances at home, We employ electricity to meet essential requirements such as heating water, providing cool air through air conditioning and supplying power for our tube lights and bulbs.

  • By using appliances such as the refrigerator and television on a daily basis, the temperature of the room increases because of excess heat.
  • If you leave your computer on the whole day, your electricity bill will be quite high, and hence, cost you a lot.
  • Our country is the one of the largest electricity generating nations. With an excess of population, India is faced with a major power shortage as the population increases so does the demand for electricity.
  • By not taking initiatives to conserve electrical energy, we are actually depleting India’s power supply and resources. The rates for purchasing electricity are rising because the rarer a commodity the more expensive it becomes to buy it. Non-uniform access to electricity also results in many citizens not having access to this commodity, creating an imbalance.

We get so dependent on this valuable resource of energy that we take it for granted. imagine a day without electricity, imagine having to live in darkness with no appliances functioning. Electricity drives your machines, shops, banks and much more. Won’t your world come to a standstill?

Change begins with you. So, start taking initiatives to conserve electricity today. Save power

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