Peer to Peer Networks

In Peer to Peer Networks, all the devices have same status in the network and share the link equally. Such a networks there is no master or controller or server.

In these networks, each device is responsible for setting up and maintaining its own security. i.e each devices acts as client and server of its own.

Peer to Peer relationship is suitable for small networks having less then computer on a single Local Area Networks (LAN).

Advantages of Peer to Peer Networks
  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Each device is master of its own, they are not dependent on other computer for their operation.
  • It eliminates extra cost required in setting up the server.
  • Does not require specialized operating system.
Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Networks
  • In Peer to Peer Networks, the absence of server make it difficult to backup data.
  • Security is weak as each system manages itself only.
  • There is no central point of data storage for file archiving.

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