Paragraph Tags

There are following some paragraph tags used in HTML.

<BR> tag :- The BR tag is used to break a line at a particular place without resorting to start a new paragraph. This tag never needs an end tag.

<P>……</P> tag :- This tag is used to starts new  paragraph. Align must attributes are often used with paragraph tags. The attributes include ALIGN=LEFT/RIGHT/CENTER.

<ADDRESS>…..</ADDRESS> tag :- The ADDRESS tag is used to write address and contact information in a document.

<BLOCK QUOTE> tag :- The block quote tag is mainly used to write quotations.

<PER>……</PER> tag :- The PER tag is mainly used for display program code or some information.

Headings tags :- The HTML supports a six different levels of headings tags. The highest level header format is <H1> and the lowest level is <H6>. All styles appear in Boldface and the size of the heading depends on the level chosen.

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