Meta tag

The meta elements provide document metadata – addition information about a document. You can declare the title, keywords, and description, which help your placement in search engines. In addition, you can specify who owns the copyright, and many other useful information. The meta tag is used to provide such additional information. Mata tags must be … Read more Meta tag


CSS provides different properties to change style of the HTML table. Border Collapse  The border-collapse property is used to display borders between table cells. border-collapse Syntax:  border-collapse: value; Values: separate | collapse Default: separate Applies to: table and inline-table elements Inherits: yes Example Border Spacing  The border-spacing property specifies the space between cell borders. border-spacing … Read more Table


 The outline properties are similar to border properties with important deference: outlines unlike borders, are not calculated in the with of the element box. Its din not affect layout. Outline Style  The outline-style property is used to set the line style for the outline, Syntax: outline-style: value; Values: auto | solid | none | dotted … Read more Outline

Pseudo-element Selectors

The pseudo-elements are used to inserting fictional element into the document structure for styling. The syntax of pseudo-element selector:pseudo-element { property: value;} ::first-line Used this element to applies a styles to the first line of the specified element. The only properties you can apply: color, font, background, word-spacing, letter-spacing, text-decoration, vertical-align, text-transform, and line-height. Example … Read more Pseudo-element Selectors

Pseudo-class Selector

CSS pseudo-class are used to applies special effects to some selectors. Pseudo-class selectors are indicated by the colon (:). The simple syntax of pseudo-class is: selector:pseudo-class { property: value;} CSS classes can also be used with pseudo-class selector.class:pseudo-class { property: value;} Link pseudo-classes  Basic pseudo-class selectors target links (a elements) based on whether they have … Read more Pseudo-class Selector


The background properties is used to create a visually attractive web page. CSS provide properties is used to set background image,color, position, etc. Background Color  The background-color property is used to set background color of an elements. background-color Syntax: background-color: value; Values: color name or number | transparent Default: transparent Applies to: all elements Inherits: … Read more Background