Operating system

Operating system is a program that act as an interface between user of a computer and a computer hardware and execution of all kind of programs. The objective of an operating system is to manage and controls various hardware resources of a computer include processor, memory disk space. An operating system synchronization application so that the users can easily access, use ans store them.

Main function of an operating system:

  1. Process management :- Process management handles the creation, deletion of processes, suspension, resumption, scheduling and synchronization of processes.
  2. Memory management :- Memory management handles the allocation and deallocation of memory space as required by various program.
  3. File management :- File management also take of other file related activities such as organizing storing, retrieving, naming and protecting the file.
  4. Security management :- Operating system is a protects system resources and information against destruction and unauthorized use.
  5. Command interpretation :- Command interpretation take care of interpreting user commends and directing system resources to process the commends.

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