Word processor is a package that processes the text and creates organized and flawless documents. Word processor provides a general set of tool of entering, editing, formatting and print document.

Features of word processor:

  • Editing text
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting page style
  • Mail Marge
  • Find and Replace
  • Auto text and Auto correct
  • Spell-check/Grammar check

Find and Replace :- Find and Replace used, When you find word in the whole document ans replace its with another word.

Auto Correct :- Auto correct is a feature of word precess recognized typing mistake automatically correct them. Auto correct can also be used to the automatically typed longword.

Mail Marge :- Mail Marge process of transforming information from one document to another. Mail Marge mean sending a letters with some text to number of person (addresses). there are two component of Marge process are: Main document contains normal texts, tables, charts and graphics. and Data file store information to be merged into the main documents.


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