Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) is a single user operating system. MS-DOS was introduced in 1981 jointly by Microsoft and IBM.It is the most popular operating system for personal computer. Microsoft later took a decision to launch independently MS_DOS in 1990.

DOS Command :- DOS command is the means of the program which help in manipulation of file on the computer system. i.e. that instruction given to the computer to perform specific task is called command.

Types of DOS command

  • Internal command :- Internal command are directly available in the memory reside command. i.e. Those are inbuilt command that are automatically loaded into the memory, when DOS is loaded during the booting process.
  • External command :- This type of command is additionally loaded in the memory of the computer. i.e. these are not permanent part of the memory. To run these commend an external file required.

DOS Prompt

DOS prompt means the user can enter DOS command from the keyboard. The command prompt is c:\>, when prompt display on screen.


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