Meta tag

The meta elements provide document metadata – addition information about a document. You can declare the title, keywords, and description, which help your placement in search engines. In addition, you can specify who owns the copyright, and many other useful information.

The meta tag is used to provide such additional information. Mata tags must be placed between the ….. tags, before the tags.


<meta charset="utf-8">

 There are two types of meta tags: http-equiv and name.


The http-equiv mate tags is define additional information to sent to the browser in the http header. These tags are the equivalent of http headers.


<meta http-equiv="name" content="value">

content is used to specifies the property’s value.


<mate http-equiv="refresh" content="5"> <!-- this tag will refresh page after every 5 seconds -->

Various values used with “http-equiv” attribute

content-language: Specifies the language.
content-script-type: Define scripting language used.
content-style-type: Define type of style sheets used.
content-type: Specifies type of data within document.
expires: Expiration data of the document.
ext-cashe: Define Netscape external cashes.
page-enter: Specifies the transition effect – The page is loaded.
page-exit: Specifies the transition effect – The page is unloaded.
refresh: Specified amount of time before switching to a new url.
site-enter: Specifies the transition effect – The page is loaded.
site-exit: Specifies the transition effect – The page is unloaded.
window-target: Specifies the name of the from the current page.


 The name attribute is used to define information which is to be referenced out of the document. The includes data passed to search engines and directories, and other entities.


<meta name="value" content="value">


<meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS, JavaScript, XML"> <!-- this tag will define keywords for search engines-->

Various values used with “name” attribute

abstract: Define a secondary description.
author: Name of the author of the document.
classification: Classify the site into the appropriate category.
copyright: Include copyright information in the document.
description: Description of the web page.
doc-type: Type of document.
keywords: Keywords for search engines
expires: Expiration data of document.
owner: Define the owner of the site.
rating, reply-to, resource-type, revisit-after, doc-class, doc-rights, distribution, generator.

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