Manual v/s computerized database

Manual database

  1. It is the record keeping system in which human being manage the whole database. without support of a computer.
  2. It is like a filing cabinet and very slow at organizing information.
  3. Manual system has slow processing speed. Manual database take a lot of time to perform various operation like searching, sorting, etc.
  4. Manual system is very complex and inaccurate.
  5. Manual system very difficult to handle a large volume of data.
  6.  It is difficult to modify or update database.
  7. Manual database system lass reliable and time consuming.

Computerized database

  1. It is database that can be managed or accessed by computer.
  2. Computerized database is stored in computer and it is very fast at organizing information.
  3. Computerized system has very fast processing speed. Manual database handle various operation like deletion, searching etc.
  4. Computerized system is accurate and easy to process.
  5. Computerized system easily handle a large amount of data.
  6. It is easily modified.
  7. Computerized database system more reliable and lass time consuming then manual database system.

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