Linux Directory Structure

Linux has a hierarchical directory structure. It is identical to Unix directory structure. It contains all the directories present in Unix. It also contains additional system directories, such as last found, proc, sbin, boot, root and var.

The various additional directories are explained below:

  • /last+found :- It contains files the Linux restores after a system failure.
  • /proc :- It contains information about kernel and processes running on the system. It also provide information about CPU and RAM.
  • /sbin :- It stores user application and system program that are required for the efficient working of system.
  • /boot :- It contains the Linux kernel and the system. map file. It also contains the information that is required during the booting system.
  • /opt :- It contains add-on packages and software’s such as store office and KDE.
  • /root :- It is the home directory of default superuser.
  • /var :- It contains variable data that is continuously changing during the running of system.

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