Linking of document

The HTML allows link to the other HTML document as well as image. Click on section of text or image in one web page will open entire the web page or image. An image or text that provide link is called hyperlink, hypertext or hots spot. Browser distinguished hyperlinks from the normal text, every hyperlink:

  • Appears color blue.
  • Default color setting in browser for hyperlink image or text.
  • Color can be set dynamically via HTML program, if required.
  • Underline hyperlink text or image.
  • When mouse cursor is placed over hyperlink. The standard arrow shaped mouse cursor changes to the shape of hand.

Links are created in web page by using <a></a> tags, any thing written between in tags become the hyperlink. Document take navigated to needs to be specified. By using the HREF attribute of the <a> tag. Syntax:

<A HREF=”filename.html”>


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