Introduction of Data


Data is row material that are used as input and information is processed. Data obtained as output of data processing. Data can be represented in the various form i.e. in figures, characters, symbols, pictures, audio. etc.


Information is the manipulation of data. In other words, information is the summarization of data in a present form. Data consists of facts, which become information when they are processed and convey meaning to people.


Field is a group of character. The field can hold the single fact or attribute of an entity. i.e. Employee’s data can be split into many fields like-name, job, salary, etc.


File is a collection of related records. i.e. The students file will contain a record for each item of students.


Record is a group of related fields holding all the information about one person or entity. i.e. Employee’s records may contain a name field, job field, etc.

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