India context of Asia Industry


The process of making products by using machinery and factories.

Iron and steel industry: India is 5th position in Asia. The first position is occupied by Japan.

Cotton textile: India occupies second position in cotton textile production in Asia, first position in China.

Automobile industry: Japan is the leader in this industry in Asia, India is the second producer of automobile in Asia.

Ship-building : Japan is the leader and is followed by republic Korea. India is insignificant producer.

Chemical industry: Japan is the leader in Asia. India is third position.

Sugar industry: India is the leader in sugar production in Asia.


Airway transportation: Japan and India have 70% of the traffic of south-east Asia which 4th of Asia’s air transport.

Railway transport: India has largest railway network in Asia followed by China and Japan.

Road transport: India has the largest road network in Asia followed by China and Japan, but the quality in these countries is high.

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