India context of Asia industrial crops

Industrial crops

India is a good producer of industrial crops in Asia.

Cotton: China ranks first in cotton production in Asia. India ranks third in production.

Jute: India is the leader of jute production in Asia. It produces 44% of Asia’s jute. The second producer is Bangladesh which produce about 23% of Asia’s jute.

Natural Rubber: India stands poor 5th in Asia in the production while first is Malaysia 27% Indonesia 25% Thailand 21%.

Ground nuts: India is the leader in ground-nut production in the Asia while China stands second producer.

Cash crops: Certain cash crops which are economically significant towards India.

Tea: 80% of world’s tea is grown in Asia. First India producing 35%, second China producing 21% and third Sri Lanka.

Coffee: Coffee is a crop which India produce mainly for home consumption. other producer are Indonesia, Yemen and Sri Lanka.

Tobacco: India is second number of production tobacco and China first number of producing tobacco.

Sugar cane: India is the first number producer of sugarcane in Asia, second number of China.

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