India context of Asia Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

India has become the largest producer of milk in the world as well as in Asia.

Fishing: The fish in these areas is of poor quality and catch is in low quantity. India number second fisheries and China ranks first in the Asia.

Forest: India has hardly 23% of forest while that of Japan is 66%.

Minerals: Asiatic Russia has the highest reserve of iron ore in Asia, while second position occupied by India third by China.

Mica: India is the leading producer of mica in Asia as well as in the world. Mice producing about 60% of world’s total production.

Manganese: China is the largest producer of manganese in Asia while India produce half of China.

Power resources

Coal: Asia Coal reserve are about 45% of the world’s Coal resources. India is third largest producer of coal in the Asia while Siberia rank first and China second.

Petroleum: Middle East has the biggest reserve of petroleum in Asia. India trails far behind middle East, Asiatic Russia, China and Indonesia.

Electricity: India’s electricity production is behind Japan and China. India has the largest potential of wind power in the world as well in the Asia.

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