Formatting Tags of HTML

Two types of HTML character formatting tags: Logical and Physical.

Logical. The logical character formatting tags is identify the more logical style to be assigned to the character that the surround. Following tags are a logical tags.

  • STRONG tag :- The STRONG tag is used to display the browser as bold. Syntax: <strong> strong text </strong>.
  • EMPHASIS tag :- The EMPHASIS tag is used to highlights the enclosed text, usually in italics. Syntax: <EM> text emphasis </EM>.
  • BLINK tag :- The BLINK tag is used to makes the text blink or flash. Syntax: <BLINK> hi! </BLINK>.
  • MARQUEE tag :- The MARQUEE tag is used to scroll the text horizontally across the screen. This tag is mainly used to deliver the specific massage to the visitor or to scroll Ads on the page. Some attributes used in MARQUEE tag. Bgcolor :- Background color of the marquee. Direction :- Direction in which the marquee scrolls. Height :- vertical dimension of the marquee. Behavior :- Behavior of the marquee is, the Scroll, Slide, Alternate. Width :- Horizontal dimension of the marquee.

Physical :- The physical character formatting tags is presume the browser is able to display “bold” in bold and “underline” in underline. Following tags are a physical tags.

  • BOLD :- The BOLD tag is used to display the enclosed text in bold face. Syntax: <B> text </B>.
  • ITALICS :- The ITALICS tag is used to display the enclosed text in italics. Syntax: <I> text </I>.
  • UNDERLINE :- The UNDERLINE tag is used to display the enclosed text in underline. Syntax: <U> text </U>.
  • SMALL :- The SMALL tag is used to make the text in small. Syntax: <SMALL> text </SMALL>.
  • BIG :- The BIG tag is used to make the text is bigger. Syntax: <BIG> text </BIG>

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