General knowledge

Shorts questions

  1. Which one of the following is the official Mascot of the FIFA world cup, 2018 (zabivaka).
  2. The Headquarters of the proposed National sports university ordinance, 2018 will be set up in (Manipur).
  3. Sentosa island, which was in news recently, is located in (Singapore).
  4. India, in June 2018, asserted that any mega connectivity project must respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries. The project referred to above is (North-South corridor project).
  5. Who among the following is not a member of G7 (Russia).
  6. Who among the following leaders started the Indian home rule league (Bal Gangadhar Tilak).
  7. Every judge of the supreme court of India is appointed by (The president of India).
  8. The place of English East India company settlement in Madras was known as (Fort St. George).
  9. Which one of the following Indian state ranked first in the composite water management index as per the report issued by the NITI Aayog in June 2018 (Gujarat).
  10. Which one of the following is the theme of the world blood donor day, 2018 (Give blood and share life).
  11. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, who was awarded Nikkei Asia prize, 2018 for culture and community, is the founder of (Sulabh sanitation and social reform movement).
  12. The theosophical society was led by (Annie Besant).

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