Frames tag

HTML tags that divide the browser screen into two or more HTML recognizable regions is <FRAMESET></FRAMESET> tags. Each regions is called frame and each frame can be loaded with different document. Frame allows the multiple HTML document to be seen concurrently.

FRAMESET tag :- The FRAMESET tag is included after <HEAD> tag. This tag establishes frames with in the HTML document. It requires a closing tag and there may be any number of this tags with in the HTML document. Syntax:

<FRAMESET cols=”width 1,…” rows=”height 1,…”>

  • Cols :- The cols attribute is used for vertical frames and width.
  • Rows :- The rows attribute is used for horizontal frames and height.

FRAME tag :- Each frameset tags must include the <FRAME> tag definition for each division. The FRAME tag does not require the closing tag. Syntax:


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