Flowchart Rules

While programmers have a good deal of freedom in creating flowchart. The (ANSI) has recommended a number of general rules and guideline to help standardize the flow-charting process.

  • First chart the main line of logic and them incorporate details.
  • Maintain a consistent level of details for a given flowchart.
  • Do not chart every detail, otherwise, the flowchart will only be a graphic representation of all the steps of the corresponding program.
  • Use common statement that are easy to understand for words within flowchart symbols.
  • Be consistent in using names and variable in the flowcharts.
  • Go from left to right and top to bottom in constructing flowchart.
  • Keep the flowchart as simple a possible.
  • If a new flow-charting page is needed, break the flowchart at an input or output point.

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