File extensions

A file extensions are three or four letters after the full stop at the end of a filename. They tell the computer what type of the file it is.

Text file extensions

.doc Word processing Document
Used mostly for Microsoft word.

Document using the open XML standard, which stores files in a zip package.

.rtf Rich Text Format
A text file format that enable various formatting options.

.txt Plain Text
A standard, unformatted test document.

Data file

.xls Excel Spreadsheet
Used for Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet using the open XML standard, which stores files in a zip package.

.ppt PowerPoint Presentation
Used for Microsoft PowerPoint.

.csv Comma Separated Values
A file containing data sets that are separated by commas.

Audio file

.mp3 MP3
Compressed audio file.

.aac Advances Audio Coding
Compressed audio file offering higher performance then MP3.

.wma Windows Media Audio
Compressed audio file.

video file extensions

.flv Flash Video
Flash compatible video, used on websites such as YouTube.

.mp4 MPEG-4
Compressed movie or video clip.

.wmv Windows Media Audio video
File based on Microsoft Advanced Systems format.

Image file Extensions

.gif Graphical Interchange Format
A raster image file used mainly for web graphics and animation.

.jpg JPEG
A compressed image file commonly used for storing digital photos.

.png Portable Network Graphic
Image files used mainly for web graphics, better quality then GIF.

.tif Tagged Image File
High-quality image file, often saved uncompressed.

.ai Adobe Illustrator File
Image files created with the graphics editing program adobe Illustrator.

.psd Adobe Photoshop File
Image files created withe the image editing program Adobe Photoshop.

Web Executable and Other file Extensions

.html Hyper Test Markup Language
Language used to build web pages.

.css Cascading Sheet Style
Used to format the content of web pages.

.exe Windows Executable
Windows based executable files that do not run in a Mac Operating System.

.com DOS Command
Used to execute a list of instructions not to be confused with the .com suffix.

.zip Zipped
A file format that compressed files to reduce their size.

.pdf Portable Document format
Used for saving document in a standard format.

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