Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

E-mail is most widely tool used on the Internet. It is used to send written messages between individuals or groups of individuals, often geographically separated by large distances.

E-Mail messages are sent from and received by the mail servers. A server has received a message it directs it to the specific computer that the mail is addressed to and to send e-mail.

A very inexpensive way to transmit message, e-mail has dramatically affected scientific, personal and business communications.

E-Mail Address

Sending and receiving mail is simple. However, there are a few parameters you must be clear about before you start sending and receiving mails.Such parameter is known as E-Mail address.

E-mail addresses commonly take in this from:
Some example of Email:

Here before the character ‘@’ (‘at’) the e-mail account holder’s Net name and after ‘at’, the name of Net server appears which hosts this e-mail address.The address free@Gmail.com, free is the Net name of user and Gmail is a name of the server host.

An e-mail address has two parts separated by ‘@’ (‘at’) symbol.

Username:- The left side of @ separator is the user name. A user name can not have blanks.

Domain name for the host server:- The right side of @ identifies the server or host or network that services your e-mail.It is sometime also called the E-Mail server.

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