Database Management System

Definition :- DBMS is software system used to manage database and its operation like Insertion, deletion, retrieval, etc. The user use to store, modify and extract information from a database when they are requirements. It acts as an inter-mediator between the user and database.

Structure of DBMS

The major components of DBMS are:-

  • Data Definition Language Compiler :- Data Definition Language compiler is converts the data definition statement.
  • Data manager :- Data manager is center software component of DBMS. The data manager control the DBMS information access that is stored on disk and controls the backup and recovery operation.
  • File manager :- It maintains the structure of the file and managing the file space.
  • Disk manager :- Disk manager is part of operation system of the host computer and input and output operation performed by it.
  • Data file :- Data file contain data portion of the database.
  • Data dictionary :- Data dictionary is a database about the database. Data dictionary hold the following information about data element in the database.
  1. Name
  2. Type
  3. Range of value
  4. Source
  5. Access authorisation
  6. Indicates which application program use the data, that a change data structure when is contemplated, a list of programs can be generated.

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