Data transmission Medium

Transmission media refers to the node of physical connection needed for the transfer of data or signal or bits or bytes between two communicating devices and in the networks between computer when they are exchanging information transmission medium can be through wires or wireless.

there are two types of transmission media.

  1. Guided / wires media.
  2. Unguided / wireless media.

Guided media


Guided media provides a channel for communication from one device to another. The various types of guided media there are: Coaxial cable, Twisted pair cable and Optical fiber.

Coaxial cable


Coaxial cable is group of specially wrapped and insulated wire lines capable of transmitting data at high rates. They consist of a central copper wire surround able by PVC insulation over which there is a sleeve of copper mesh. Coaxial cable after much high bandwidths then U T P cables, and can transmit digital signal at rates up to 10 M Bps. They are used in long distance telephone lines and cable for cable TV.

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