The community rather than the family becomes the social setting for most everyday economic, political, religious, educational, recreational and similar activities. As communities become larger and more complex other types of organisations are often established within the community to perform these various functions.

Thus a community is a type of social organisation that is territorially located and provides the setting for dealing with most of the needs and problems of daily living.


  • A group of interdependent organisms of different species growing or living together in specified habitat.
  • A group of people who live in the same area, such as a city, town or neighborhood.
  • A body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society.
  • According to Maclver. Community is the name of settlement, village, city, tribe or nation.
  • According to Lundberg. Community is a human population living with in a limited geographical area and carrying on a common independent life.

Community is a society in itself and is in definite area such as any village or city. The day from which man started living at one place from that same day community came into being and from that day till today man is living in community. We live in society and in daily language we find many of meanings of community. Generally people say that people of one religion, society, colony are community. This word is used for every type of group which exists in society. In the same way for tribes, colonies, villages also this word has been used. In simple words the name of community is given to different groups like village, neighborhood,caste etc.

In sociology this word has very wide meaning. in simple words when some people live collectively in a particular area and when they spend their whole life not for any particular purpose then that is called community.

Community is not established with conscious efforts. It also does not take birth but it develops automatically. When people live in an area and does social processes, community develops automatically. Community has its own geographical area where members fulfil their needs themselves. Members of a community fulfil their every need because members have mutual exchange. When people co-operate with each other to fulfil their needs, we feeling comes among them.

Characteristics of community

  • Role feeling. In community every one has some status and role to play and he knows that which work he has to do and what duties he has to do.
  • Dependence. The members of a community depend upon each other for their needs because it is not possible for any one to live alone. Man cannot do all of his functions and that why he is dependent upon others for most of his different functions.
  • Geographical area. Every community has its geographical area in which he lives. Without any particular area community can be formed.
  • Spontaneous birth. Wherever man starts living community comes automatically. Community provides all those facilities with which humans can fulfil their needs very easily.
  • Particular name. A particular name is generally given to community which is necessary for its formation.
  • Self-sufficiency. Present community has a special feature and it is that every community is self sufficient. Every one fulfils his needs within the community only.

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