Creating and checking a new table

Creating new table in database is very simple. First of all you have to create database in MySQL i.e you created database name address. USE command is used to use the database. i.e. USE address Create table in the database CREATE TABLE command is used to create table in database. i.e. CREATE TABLE profile. profile … Read more Creating and checking a new table

Basics Function of SQL

The SQL support various function that easily used to manipulate data. There are following three types of function. Arithmetic function ABS (N) :- The function ABS is returns the absolute value of the column. Syntax: SELECT ABS (-20) FROM DUAL; CEIL (N) :- The function CEIL is finds the smallest integer greater then or equal … Read more Basics Function of SQL

Simple Queries in SQL

Queries are one of a thing that make database powerful. The “Query” refers to action of retrieving data from the database. There are following some common clauses used in SQL. SELECT :- SELECT clause used to retrieves data from the table. SELECT command also provides the query capability this means that executing SELECT statement, information … Read more Simple Queries in SQL

Nested Queries of SQL

This nested queries is in the SQL SELECT statement inside another SELECT or action query. The SQL first evaluates the inner query. The result of an inner query is returned to the outer query. Syntax SELECT EMPLOYEE_NAME FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE DEPT_code=select DEPT_code FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE EMPLOYEE_name='<‘raju’>’; There are following some operators used in nested query. … Read more Nested Queries of SQL


Structure Query Language :- SQL is a language. It is provides an interface to relational database system. SQL was developed by IBM in 1970 used to store and manage data in relational database management system. SQL also used to preform all types of operation likes, Inserting, Updating, Deleting, Creating and Modifying tables. Processing capabilities of … Read more SQL

SQL|DDL, DML and DCL commands

Data Definition Language :- DDL is a past of SQL, which consists of the commands that used to define define database schema, and used to create and modify the structure of database object in database. There are following DDL commands used in database. Create command :- This command used to create database and its object … Read more SQL|DDL, DML and DCL commands