Domain Name System

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a collection of database that contain information about domain name and their corresponding IP address. Domain Name Server is the computer that translates domain name to IP address. Every web server require a Domain Name System to translate domain name into IP address.

Search Engine

Search Engine is program that searches through a database of web pages for particular information.It helps to find out required information by providing matching indexes of database or sites. Now, you were surfing Internet by visiting sits known to you. If you want to view particular information, but you do not know which site would … Read more Search Engine

Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

E-mail is most widely tool used on the Internet. It is used to send written messages between individuals or groups of individuals, often geographically separated by large distances. E-Mail messages are sent from and received by the mail servers. A server has received a message it directs it to the specific computer that the mail … Read more Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

Who Governs the Internet ?

Internet is not governed by any particular body. It is not governed by many volunteer organizations. There is no single authoritative organization. Various volunteer organizations are responsible for different types of activities as listed below: The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) is responsible for discussing and allocating resources. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is responsible … Read more Who Governs the Internet ?

How does Internet work?

In Internet, most computer are not connect directly to the Internet. Rather they are connected to smaller network, which in turn are connected through Gateways to the Internet Backbone. Two new terms you have encountered just now – Gateways and Backbone. Let’s define: A Gateways is a device that connects dissimilar networks. A Backbone is … Read more How does Internet work?