World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The World Wide Web Consortium in short W3C is a standard organizations for the World Wide Web, a full-time staff and the public work together to develop web standard.Such as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. The W3C was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee. He is a inventor of … Read more World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


MANTRA Rajbhasha is a machine assisted translation tool, which translates documents pertaining to Personnel Administration, Finance, small Scale Industries, Agriculture, Information Technology, Healthcare, Education and Banking domains from English to Hindi. The system is based on the MANTRA technology developed by the Applied Artificial Intelligence Group (AAI) of C-DAC, Pune. MANTRA Ragbhasha has been designed … Read more MANTRA

Super computer

Super computer is a world fastest computer. It performance measured in a flouting point operations per second instead of million instructions per second. Supercomputers are most powerful type of computers that are employed for specialized application that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations. Uses of super computer in the field include animated graphical, fluid dynamic … Read more Super computer

Grid Computing

A Grid stands for ‘many networked computers’. Grid computing is an emerging computing model that has the ability to perform complex computations by taking advantage of many networked computers. Grid computer provides the ability to perform computations on large data sets, by breading them down into many smaller parts, by modelling a parallel of lab-our … Read more Grid Computing

Optical computing

An optical computer is a computer device that uses the photons in visible light or infrared beams, rather than electric current, to perform digital computations. An electric current flows at only about 10% of the speed of light. Optical computer can preform operations at a rate 10 or more times faster than a conventional electronic … Read more Optical computing

Quantum computing

A Quantum computing is a computer design which uses the principles of quantum physics to increase the computational power beyond what is attainable by a traditional computer. These computers have been built on the small scale and word continues to upgrade them to more practical models. It would store information as a 1, 0 or … Read more Quantum computing

Pervasive Computing

Pervasive computing A Pervasive computing is the growing trend towards embedding microprocessors in everyday objects, so they can communicate information. Pervasive computing relies in the convergence of wireless technologies, advanced electronics and the Internet. Researchers working in pervasive computing is to create smart products that communicate unobtrusively. The products are connected to the Internet and … Read more Pervasive Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. In this computing, the word cloud is used as a metaphor for ‘The Internet‘ where different services. such as servers, storage and application are delivered to organisation’s computer and devises through … Read more Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Alan Turing gave the idea of Artificial Intelligence for very first time. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was first coined by John McCarthy. No machine is as intelligent as human … Read more Artificial Intelligence (AI)


What is Firewall.Firewall is a technique for the security of computers.It prevents unwanted program and commends and allows only permitted ones. Firewall in computer language.Firewall in computer language is a security device to protect computer networks from external access. It keeps data secret and do not allow other to interfere or damage it.