Definition :- Schema indicate on overall structure of data item include their record types stored in the¬†database. The first thing you must do to setup a data is to define its structure namely the schema definition. Subschema subschema refers to the application program view to the data item and record type which user would use. … Read more Schema

Facilities of DBMS

Data Definition Language :- It is a language udsed to define a data and their relationships to other types of data. Data definition language used to create file, database, data dictioneries and table within the database. DDL also define the format or scheme of the database. Data definition language allows specification following information about the … Read more Facilities of DBMS

Database Management System

Definition :- DBMS is software system used to manage database and its operation like Insertion, deletion, retrieval, etc. The user use to store, modify and extract information from a database when they are requirements. It acts as an inter-mediator between the user and database. Structure of DBMS The major components of DBMS are:- Data Definition … Read more Database Management System

Manual v/s computerized database

Manual database It is the record keeping system in which human being manage the whole database. without support of a computer. It is like a filing cabinet and very slow at organizing information. Manual system has slow processing speed. Manual database take a lot of time to perform various operation like searching, sorting, etc. Manual … Read more Manual v/s computerized database


Definition :- Database is a organized collection of data that are related in meaningful information, which can be accessed by different user but stored only once. Application of database You needs to certain operation which help to the maintain data in database. The most common operations performed on database are: Insertion :- This operation add … Read more Database

Introduction of Data

Data Data is row material that are used as input and information is processed. Data obtained as output of data processing. Data can be represented in the various form i.e. in figures, characters, symbols, pictures, audio. etc. Information Information is the manipulation of data. In other words, information is the summarization of data in a … Read more Introduction of Data