Instrument used for taking measurements

The instrument commonly used for taking surveying measurements may be divided into the following main classes: The instrument used for ranging and laying out survey line such as ranging rods, line ranger, cross-staff, optical square etc. Instruments used for direct measurements of length such as chain, tape, steel band etc. Instruments used for measurement of … Read more Instrument used for taking measurements

Definition of Surveying and Object

Surveying Surveying is the art of determining the relative position of object on the surface of the earth by taking measurements in the horizontal and vertical plane. The part of surveying which deals with the measurement in the vertical plan is known as levelling and the papers on which days measurements are drawn are called … Read more Definition of Surveying and Object


Association Association is also based on this co-operation. When some people cooperate with each other for a specific purpose and form an organization this organized organization is known as association. Association has a definite purpose and any one can leave it after the attainment of his objective. Definitions According to Bogardus, An association is usually … Read more Association


Community The community rather than the family becomes the social setting for most everyday economic, political, religious, educational, recreational and similar activities. As communities become larger and more complex other types of organisations are often established within the community to perform these various functions. Thus a community is a type of social organisation that is … Read more Community


Society Societies are the most inclusive and complex social organisations in today’s world. Most other organizations exist within the confines of a society. All aspects of human social life are encompassed by a society and a large extent, the way in which a society functions will influence all the patterns of social ordering and cultural … Read more Society


EDUCATION The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction especially at a school, college and university. The action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college and university. The knowledge, skills and understanding that you get from attending a school, college and university. Education is not a name of any degree or certificate … Read more Education

Emergence of sociology

Emergence of sociology Since the formation of society and groups men have started thinking about societies and groups. Sociology is a modern science not more then 160 years old. The study of society in a scientific way started only after 1839 when Auguste Comte (father of sociology) had coined this term. It is true that … Read more Emergence of sociology