Basic Flowchart Symbols

A few symbols are needed to indicate the necessary operations in flowchart. These symbols have been standardized by the (ANSI).


The terminal symbol indicate the beginning (start), end (stop), and pauses (halt) in a program’s logic flow. It is the first and the last symbol in a flowchart.


The input/output symbol denotes any function of an input/output nature in a program.


A processing symbol represents arithmetic and data movement instruction. All arithmetic processes are indicated by a processing symbol in  flowchart the logical processes of moving data form on location of the main memory to another are also denoted by this symbol.


The decision symbol indicates a decision point, That is a point at which a branch to one of two are more alternative points is possible.

Flow line

Flow line with arrowheads indicate the flow of operation. That is, the exact sequence in which the instructions are executed the normal flow of a flowchart is from top to bottom and left to right.


A connectors symbol is a circle with a letter or digit placed within it it the indicate the line.

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