Application of computer

The computer have made the would like a small ball, due to speed, accuracy, memory and other characteristics of the computer are used in all spheres of life.

Education :- Computer is used in school for teaching, doing mathematical calculation and completing homework.

Banks :- Computer is used in bank for storing information about different account holders, keeping a record of cash. It is also used by ATM of a bank.

Railway and Airport :- Computer help in providing information about seat availability booking tickets and keeping records of all passengers. It help to providing information about timing of train and aeroplane.

Medical Science :- computer help in keeping records all patients in a hospital and doing a number of medical test. It help doctor in controlling machine in an operation theater.

Defense :- In defense computer is used to help in building weapons, controlling their function launching missiles and keeping record of criminal.

Entertainment :- Computer is used for playing games listing to music and watching movies.


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