Advantage of Linux

There are several advantage of Linux:

Low Cast :- you don not need to spend time and money to obtain licenses sine Linux.
Stability :- Linux don not need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels.
Performance :- Linux provides high performance on work stations and on network.
Network Friendliness :- Linux was developed by \group of programmers  over the Internet and has therefore strong support for network functionality.
Flexibility :- Linux can be used for high performance server application, desktop application and embedded system.
Compatibility :- In runs all common Unix software packages and can process all common file.
Multitasking :- Linux is designed to do many things at the same time.
Full use of hard disk :- Linux continues work well even when the hard disk is almost full.
Fast and easy installation :- Most Linux can with user-friendly installation and setup program.

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