India in the context of asia

India context of asia India is one of the oldest country in Asia as well as in the continent of has a cultural heritage heritage handed down by the immigrant Aryans from across the Himalayas, the native dravidians and the invading civilization. It was named as Aryavatra after the Aryan setting in northern India. … Read more India in the context of asia

India context of Asia industrial crops

Industrial crops India is a good producer of industrial crops in Asia. Cotton: China ranks first in cotton production in Asia. India ranks third in production. Jute: India is the leader of jute production in Asia. It produces 44% of Asia’s jute. The second producer is Bangladesh which produce about 23% of Asia’s jute. Natural … Read more India context of Asia industrial crops

India context of Asia Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry India has become the largest producer of milk in the world as well as in Asia. Fishing: The fish in these areas is of poor quality and catch is in low quantity. India number second fisheries and China ranks first in the Asia. Forest: India has hardly 23% of forest while that of … Read more India context of Asia Animal Husbandry

Transportation in India

*A way of travelling from one place to another place. Railways Indian railway system is the largest in Asia and fourth largest in the world. It is the largest public sector undertaking of the country and it is the world’s second largest railway network under single management. The first Indian railway line in India was … Read more Transportation in India

India context of Asia Industry

Industry The process of making products by using machinery and factories. Iron and steel industry: India is 5th position in Asia. The first position is occupied by Japan. Cotton textile: India occupies second position in cotton textile production in Asia, first position in China. Automobile industry: Japan is the leader in this industry in Asia, … Read more India context of Asia Industry

General knowledge

Shorts questions Which one of the following is the official Mascot of the FIFA world cup, 2018 (zabivaka). The Headquarters of the proposed National sports university ordinance, 2018 will be set up in (Manipur). Sentosa island, which was in news recently, is located in (Singapore). India, in June 2018, asserted that any mega connectivity project … Read more General knowledge

Soils in India

Soils The soils of India is various types of soils such as Black soil, Red soil, Peaty & Marshy soil, Alluvial etc. The upper layer of Earth in which plants grow,a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains,clay and rock particles. The upper layer of Earth that may be … Read more Soils in India

Mineral resources of India

Mineral A solid homogeneous crystalline chemical element or compound that resuMadhyalts from the inorganic processes of nature.Naturally occurring homogeneous substances (Stone,Coal,Salt,Sulfur,Sand,Petroleum,Water and Natural Gas) Obtained usually from the ground. A synthetic substance having the chemical composition and crystalline form and properties of a naturally occurring mineral. Types of minerals Metallic:- The substance out of which … Read more Mineral resources of India

Indian geography

India . India is the seventh largest country in the Southern world with an area of 3287263 sq km, which is 2.42% of the world’s area. . IndiLatitudinala is the second most populous country in the world with a population of 1.21 billion,which is 17.44% of the world. . Indian subcontinent is located in the … Read more Indian geography