Pseudo-code is another program planning tool used for planning logic. “Pseudo” means imitation or false and “Code” refers to the instructions written in a programming language. Pseudo-code is an imitation of actual computer instruction. Since pseudo-code emphasizes the design of a program, it is also known as Program Design Language (PDL).

Limitation of flowchart

Flowchart have the following limitation: Flowchart are very time consuming and laborious to draw with in proper symbol and spacing especially for large complex program. Any change or modification in the program logic will usually completely new flowchart. There are no standards determining the amount of detail that should be included in a flowchart.

Advantages of Flowchart

Use of flowchart for program planning provides following benefits: Better communication A flowchart is a pictorial representation of a program. Therefore, it is easier for a programmer to explain the logic of a program to some other programmer. Proper program documentation Program documentation involves collection, organizing, storing and otherwise maintaining a complete historical record of … Read more Advantages of Flowchart