Communication satellite are microwave relay stations placed in outer space. They are launched by rockets or space shuttles, and are positioned 36,000 km’s above the equator with  an orbit speed spathe match earth’s rotation speed exactly. A satellite is positioned in go synchronous orbit, it is stationary relation to earth, and always stage over same … Read more Satellite

Data Transmission speed

Communication Channel A communication channel refers to  a path, a line or a link that interconnects. A source from which data is sent to its destination where data is to be received. Thus the channel is a “DATA HIGHWAY” which carries the data signals from source to destination. It is a transmission line in a … Read more Data Transmission speed

IP Address Classes

Internet Protocol addressing supports five different address classes: A, B, C, D and E, only A, B, and C are available for commercial use. Microsoft TCP/Internet Protocol supports class A, B, and C addresses assigned to host. The class of address defines which bits are used for the network ID and which bits are used … Read more IP Address Classes

Uniform Resouroce Locator

URL stand for Uniform Resource Locater specifies the distinct address of document and other resource on the world wide web (WWW). The concept of URL come to facilitate the assess of document distributed throughout the world. It is a standard for specifying any kind of information on the Internet. The URL defines four things: Method, … Read more Uniform Resouroce Locator

Web Page

A web page is single unit of information often called a document that is available via the would wide web (WWW). It way contain text, image, sound, video, hypertext, hyper-links, hypermedia. Using hypertext and hypermedia, you can move from one page to another page by clicking on hyper-links. A web page can be longer then … Read more Web Page

Web Browser

A browser is a piece of software that acts as an interface between the user and the inner-workings of the Internet. Specially the World Wide Web. Browser are also referred to as web clients, or universal clients, because in the client/server model. The browser function the client program. The browser acts on behalf of the … Read more Web Browser

Domain Name

A domain name is the way to identify and locate computer connection to the Internet. A domain must be unique i.e. in two organizations on the Internet can have the same domain name. A domain name contains two or more components separated by period “dots”. Each computer on the Internet is identified by unique IP … Read more Domain Name